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For millions- indeed, billions of us, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other networks are simply part of everyday life. Facebook’s omnipresent use applies to more than a quarter of the world’s population, which is more than 2 billion active users. Effective marketing on social media is much more than just posting. It’s a nuanced and sensitive thing to understand adequate optimization on social networks. It may not be best for your brand what works for a single brand.

Our Social Media Marketing Capabilities

It is no surprise with such a far-reaching scope that these networks have become such a precious instrument for companies. If you’re not posting on Facebook, trending on Twitter, or sharing photos on Instagram, you’re behind the times – but we can assist.

Social Media Strategy

Social media approach is at the core of the social media presence of your brand. This is the first step in making your brand social — you need to find out how to best engage your audience and how to attain your own marketing and income objectives in the process. Only from a social strategy company that has its finger on the pulse of the market and that knows what customers want from a specific brand can good social media marketing policies come. If you want to build a market niche, you need to have a clear and lucrative social media strategy that will assist you to generate leads and income and, in the long run, strengthen your position as a distinctive, reputable and successful brand.

GigaMatics can enable you to design a marketing strategy for social media that will assist you to attain your digital marketing objectives in the long term. We set up your brand to look new, relevant and customer-oriented. We ensure it synchronizes with your general branding strategy and provides you with a blueprint to construct your brand equity through ethical means. Our team has developed a social media strategy for financial services, automotive brands, consumer good businesses and brands of healthcare.

SMO Services in Ludhiana, Punjab & Delhi NCR, India

Social Media Optimisation

The optimization of social media is motivated by distinctive, engaging, inspirational content like Video, Image, GIF as well as Infographic. From viral videos to eye-catching pictures and immersive infographics, you need all kinds of content to capture eyeballs and captivate your crowd. An image (or a gif) is worth a thousand words after all. Studies indicate that today’s clients prefer range and are more likely to adjust to brief videos and images than to read through a wall of texts. It should be a significant component of your social media marketing strategy to create excellent media content for social media channels.

We know what makes your brand look new and meaningful at GigaMatics, and we excel in generating content that hooks on your target audience. Our team has years of content and web design experience, and what we create not only engages your present crowd but draws fresh clients as well. From developing graphics to shooting interesting videos, we provide you with social content suitable for different channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

Social Media Promotions

Promotions are crucial for your company to grow. But how are you going to do that? Growth marketing attracts more committed clients mainly. Social promotions are an outstanding way to accomplish that. Remember, not only must you find fresh, younger clients for your brand to survive, but you must also find clients who will stick around. To retain them, your social media promotion strategy must be timely and realistic, so that without sacrificing your bottom line, you become a consumer favorite.

GigaMatics enables you to design intelligent, engaging and ethical advertising deals and campaigns. With the assistance of excellent promotions, our team enables you to get more visitors to your social media accounts and translates that into more website lead generation. The ultimate objective here is to boost quantities and satisfy benchmarks for income. However, we make sure you link the promotions to the general branding and marketing strategy so that they not only satisfy short-term income targets but also assist to create your brand equity.


Social Media Advertising

The notion of an online and offline client is still stuck with conventional advertisers. What we need to know is that today’s client is almost always online with mobile phones and the web. Good advertising strategies for social media target audiences on the social network and generate advertisements that are likely to involve demographic targets. Not only is this good for tiny companies, it also provides 24X7 shops to the client and makes them seamlessly experience the brand.

We built and implemented numerous effective social media advertising campaigns at GigaMatics. We go beyond putting Facebook ads — we create eye-catching advertisements that appeal to the demographics of the target. We guide clients through the entire process and ensure appealing and user-friendly landing pages. Ethical and efficient are our techniques, and we are proud of our transparency. See your brand awareness and boost levels of social engagement with GigaMatics. Our strategies for social advertising will assist you to attain your objectives for branding and income in no moment. This is what makes us India’s greatest advertising agency for social media.

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Results Driven Social Media Marketing

Why GigaMatics is among Best Social Media Marketing Company

Lead Management

Attract your Audience

Targeting the correct crowd is a critical stage of efficient social media marketing, but often ignored. How can you reach them if you don't understand who your clients are? Start the main street host social media campaigns by defining your best audience and targeting it.


Engange your Audience

Users of social media want to be involved, which means they want to see fascinating and meaningful posts appealing to their interests. Our social media marketing team identifies this need and works with you to make the connection between your brand and your audience efficient.

Social media marketing agency in ludhiana

Grow your Audience

It's more difficult than ever to cultivate an online public. With so many social outlets, complex algorithms, and limited exposure, finding time to manage social outlets efficiently is difficult for company owners.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Social Media Marketing & Optimization.

Social media optimization (SMO) is the method by using a number of social media sites and groups to produce viral advertising to increase awareness of a product, brand or event.

Social media optimization (SMO) is the method by using a number of social media sites and groups to produce viral advertising to increase awareness of a product, brand or event.

With SMO, you can provide the company with a powerful web presence and establish the brand’s internet power. Not only does it introduce individuals to the company, but also enables branding, enhancing brand visibility and recall. Optimization of social media offers the chance to reach a niche audience.

We stand behind our job and outcomes at GIGAMATICS SMO / SMM. Our team is best with years of industry experience in social media.

With SMO, you can always restrict and target your product or services to the audience you believe will be interested in. Through Facebook and Google ads, you can reach out to the worldwide crowd or restrict them according to their distinctive characteristics.

There are several advantages that Social Media Management outsourcing can offer you.

First, through such outsourcing, you can get a broader client base because you get access to all those who are attached to them, like their friends, supporters, or supporters. This raises your horizon instantly and provides you a better opportunity to market your products / services.

Secondly, your emails are sent to fresh clients at a quicker pace than normal by outsourcing, and they are seen in a brief period of time by more individuals.

Thirdly, it doesn’t cost you much the whole scheme as the whole idea is simpler enough to reach a wider crowd. Outsourcing also helps to reduce the complexity of time and to maintain the consistency of the messages you circulate

Our specialists do all the jobs linked to social media. It won’t pass your project on to someone who isn’t an expert. If your social media profile needs optimization, our skilled in-house specialists will assist you with the services.

We Can Help You to Create Social Ecosystem For Your Brand !

  • To meet your brand’s goal, we offer customizable social media marketing services.

  • Our social media team will assist you in building your brand franchise through different techniques on leading social media channels.

  • We will use a number of social media tools and groups to create advertising to raise awareness of your product, brand or event while optimizing your social media.

  • The goal is to maximize your content’s ROI by sharing it across social media and networking sites.

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