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Not Sure ! Why you need PPC to grow your Business ?

Online competing is more difficult than ever before. At any point of the purchasing process, targeted traffic draws the correct clients. Imagine reaching your precise customer when your precise item is being searched.  Imagine delighting your clients with a tailor-made message, encouraging them to visit your site where they’re just a couple of clicks away from checking out, adding to your final line. That’s Pay-per-click advertising (PPC). Provide your prospective clients with a targeted ad at the precise time they search.



Pay-per-click advertising enables you to buy top positions on search engines and their partner pages for appropriate keywords. You can reach your target audience in countless ways with different PPC ad formats. Our PPC management services enable you to use a complete suite of paid advertising formats to deliver immediate traffic to your site.

Text Ads

Text advertisements that appear above organic search outcomes in a Google search, search advertisements provide customers with a snippet of company data and a link to call you on mobile devices.

  • Text advertisements containing business information
  • Link to mobile phone calls
  • Results of organic search appear above
ppc services in Ludhiana, Punjab & Delhi NCR
PPC services in Ludhiana, Punjab & Delhi NCR

Display Ads

Visual ads displaying through the Google Display Network can take the form of text, image, video, and rich media. Over 2 million sites are part of the Google Display Network, all of which have areas on them that can show advertisements.

For instance: your display ad may appear at the bottom of a famous mobile app between paragraphs in an internet news article, on the right side of a piece of text on a blog, or in a bar.

  • Advertisements for text, picture, video or popular media
  • Look through Google’s Display Network
  • Great to increase consciousness of the brand

Remarketing Ads

Have you ever visited a website from search engines to news articles, to social media in the following weeks, considering buying a product or getting more data about service, just to have it follow you around the internet? The advertisements you have seen are advertisements for remarketing, and you can also generate them.

  • Only appear after visiting the website
  • Follow you through the web
PPC services in Ludhiana, Punjab & Delhi NCR
ppc services in Ludhiana, Punjab & Delhi NCR

Shopping Ads

Google Shopping ads displayed above the Google search results include are product images, prices and store information.

  • Include product image, price and merchant name
  • Appear above organic search results
  • High click-through rate

Why are we Best in PPC

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Don’t Think PPC Is for You?

If your company is struggling to achieve a foothold in the marketplace, this year seeking to grow or enhance development–it can occur with an adequate PPC. PPC publicity is continuous–your company should make a favorable return on investment if PPC is performed properly. PPC remains to drive the company through your company through all phases–from start-up to IPO.

Continuous refining, routine maintenance while remaining on top of your competitive landscape. It requires a knowledge of your sector and how PPC operates to make no error. This implies that our qualified PPC executives are working with you to know your sector, how your clients are looking for everything they need to produce the most targeted advertisements to drive your company.

Strategic Options

There is a range of alternatives available with Search, Shopping, Display and Remarketing advertisements to deliver the correct message to your company.

Specified Reach

Whether you're a limited, local or worldwide brand, targeting choices enable you to choose precisely where to see your advertisements.

Controlled Budget

You can choose your daily budget with Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, etc. and can boost or decrease the budget as required.

Increased Exposure

PPC ads appear above organic search outcomes, placing you at the top of the search page (and at the top of the minds of the searchers).

Frequently Asked Questions on the PPC

PPC stands for pay-per-click, an internet marketing model where advertisers pay a premium every time they click on one of their advertisements. Essentially, it’s a way to buy visits to your site instead of trying to organically “gain” those visits.

Advertising for search engines is one of PPC’s most common types. It enables advertisers to bid for ad placement in the sponsored connections of a search engine when searching for a keyword linked to their company offering. For instance, if we bid on the “PPC software” keyword, our ad may appear at the top place on the results page of Google.

Managing PPCs is a complicated method. It’s not just about targeting the correct keyword, but it also includes in-depth keyword research, extensive website analysis, strategizing, planning, implementing, monitoring and adjusting the campaign to optimize outcomes. It’s a lengthy, complex method that many business hours would eat away.Experts with extensive and exhaustive experience and expertise in this field are therefore best left.

The world’s most famous PPC advertising scheme is Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords). The Ads platform allows companies to generate ads that appear on the search engine of Google and other assets of Google.

GIGAMATICS team have sound experience in running PPC services. What we help you with below –

  • Detailed audit and analysis of your current Adwords campaign
  • Get optimal exposure within your set budget
  • Fantastic combination of text and graphic ads to give your business widest viewership
  • Comprehensive keyword research including long tailed and negative keywords to shortlist the keywords that are tailored to meet the specific needs of your business
  • Advice from experienced professional with extensive industry experience
  • 24/7 customer support

Both of these marketing methods for search engines have their own strengths and weaknesses. We will almost always not suggest SEO until at least 3-6 months have been running a PPC campaign. While in theory, it sounds like a good idea to rank high organically on Google to avoid paying any CPC, ranking for a whole bunch of keywords, especially those that don’t translate into significant returns for your company, is almost impossible and unnecessary.

The rankings are developed based on bid prices and other measures like clicking through prices almost immediately. It may take up to 24 hours for some to approve an ad copy. It will only reflect on PPC rankings after that.

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