To be in Google Search, you need to have a high quality website.

Whether you’re running a news blog, a content driven website or an e-commerce store, it’s to vary (and better) than the thousands of other websites.

A top quality website will grow over time both in terms of loyal readers but also in terms of any search engine trust, which is like more organic visits.

Google engineers try for years to form their algorithms clever enough to spot and rank websites that are of excellent quality.

It is not a simple task, taking under consideration that everything has got to be decided by a computer program and not by person.

Google is changing the algorithm so fast that it’s not easy to maintain the same standard and ranking.

Google is much stricter to maintain the standards for SEO as compared to other search engines, and it’s also not mandatory if any website is cleared in one Search engine standards than it will also be considered same in other.

What do you understand by high quality website?

A High Quality Website is needed for any brand as it is the only medium through which people can find about your brand’s product and services.

There are certain guidelines that Google is looking for a high quality website.

The following are the key points that are followed by Google:

  1. Good Content.

Today everybody in SEO industry is saying about the production of good content. So, in this context “Content is King” meaning that content is the prominent factor for any website ranking.

Now, this doesn’t mean that if a website with good content is also a high quality website.

If I am talking in respect to content then that content should be unique not only within the website but also compared to other websites.

It should be written by an expert and after lots of research, only an expert knows about the expertise subject and their advice will be more professional.

It must be in detail, that means it should provide full information related to the product.

Of course, content should be mobile friendly, as people now-a-days prefer pocket friendly things. Content is easily accessible through mobiles or tablets as compared to PCs.

Website should be user-friendly, one can easily access the website. Broken internal links should not be there.

Content length plays an important role, in perspective of Google, the blog length must be more than 1600 characters.

More than that, the content should be free of spelling mistakes and with no grammar errors.

Text can be readable and understood. Using short sentences, paragraphs

The content must be with images or videos.

  1. Speed

A High Quality Website loads fast. A fast website will rank higher and create more sales and loyal customers.

  1. Social Media Friendly.

With Social here means, that website integrates well with social media effectively. It means strongly linking to social media to create a connection with customers and audience directly.

As every business person wants a good reviews and feedback for a good product.

     4. SEO Optimised.

Website must be good SEO optimised, but keeping in mind overdoing of optimisation may generate opposite results.

This is so, google algorithm sometimes interpret over optimisation and may take necessary steps to avoid this.

     5. User Engagement.

Does people spend enough time on the web before leaving, and read more than one pages? Do they communicate with content through feedback, recommendations, interactions, etc.?

     6. Competitor Analysis.

Is your website stronger than your rivals while you’re using a particular keyword? When measured without discrimination, is it deserving of one of the top positions?

In conclusion, above six key elements play a major role to contribute a high quality website.


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